Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Blog's Taking Off Like an Aeroplane

So with the first post on my new blog here, I figured why not start with what I can't stop listening to in the last few weeks: Aeroplane. This Belgium based duo is pretty much solely responsible for my love of Balearic or nu disco. Below you'll find a compilation of almost all the remixes they have done. If you follow Aeroplane, you've probably heard most of these on their mixes, but here they are all tracked out. Their remix of Low Motion Disco's "Love Love Love" has been on repeat for at least a week. It is an extremely happy and uplifting track that just gets downright triumphant at the breakdown....with a certain Mike Tyson's Punchout vibe going for it (trust me and listen).

Aeroplane Remix Compilation

Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Aeroplane Remix)
Cobra Dukes - Artight (Aeroplane Remix) ***
Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)
Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Aeroplane Pop Remix)
Das Pop - Fool For Love (Aeroplane Remix)
David Rubato - Circuit (Aeroplane Remix) ***
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
Grace Jones - Williams' Blood (Aeroplane Remix)
Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix) ***
MGMT - Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix)
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'ITALO 84' Remix)
The Shortwave Set - Now Til '69 (Aeroplane Remix) ***


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